Roadmap to be a Data-Scientist

Work can be beautiful!!!


I know I know, there are lots of blogs about this topic. But doesn’t it mean, it’s really one of the hotshots?

So lets me Introduce this series with complete tutorial on Python and data-science. Lets go over the requirements here -


  • Prior knowledge on basic Python is needed (but not even Math and Statistics). We start from the very basics in Math and Stats.
  • A computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) with internet connection.

Roadmap of important learning topics to be a Data-Scientist

  • What is Machine Learning — A basic understanding of Machine learning in a very common language which you will be able to make a 5 yr old understand.
  • Machine Learning and data-science Frameworks — All the basic clean ups and processing done to the data at the initial step of ML.
  • Data-Science Environment Setup Requirement — This will be done for MAC/Windows andLinux
  • Pandas — A python library very crucial for ML and Data-Science. This deals with data importing and manipulating.
  • Numpy — Another important python library which deals Arrays.
  • Matplotlib — Python library used for data visualisation and plotting.
  • Scikit-Learn — Python library to create machine learning Models.
  • Data-Engineerning — Brief understanding of this topic related to python will really be good to have.
  • Neural Networks — This is a difficult but must have concept.
  • Real Life projects Required to put all the above learnt concepts to accomplish something practical.

You can go ahead and learn this topics by doing research on your own or else wait for my blog on every “Sunday” with the real problems I faced and easy way to remember a concept that I may have applied. Or best, can do both.

So till the coming Sunday, Bye!!! And happy learning….



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